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The Premiere Mini Golf Rental Experience

Our portable traditional mini golf courses recreate that authentic miniature golf experience that we all experienced as youngsters at a boardwalk, lake resort or those iconic road side miniature golf courses throughout the country with the very large prop in their parking lot. Those permanent mini golf courses provided entertainment & unique challenges for individuals of all ages. Playing miniature golf is one of the few activities where you will see families, groups of friends and couples all on the course at the same time enjoying themselves and saying "who does not love playing mini golf?" WOW Mini Golf Events recreates the permanent mini golf experience for events by incorporating several features.

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Mini Golf Hole Layout

Each hole of our standard portable traditional mini golf rentals measures at least 18 feet from tee to cup. This distance allows for more entertainment & challenges than courses that measure 10 feet or less. Several holes have undulating terrain and are not just a straight putt from tee to cup. This undulating terrain can include descending down then up a hill, over bumps, up steep angles and cups on the green that reside where you have to properly read the green. Add in iconic mini golf obstacles on certain holes such as Loop De Loop, Windmill and the Railroad Crossing along with newer mini golf obstacles such as Suspension Bridges and Metal Hills and it becomes more entertaining and challenging to obtain a hole in one on certain holes. In fact, many of our holes on the portable traditional mini golf rental are designed with a par 2 or 3.

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The Premiere Mini Golf Rental Experience!

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The Holes Of Portable 6 Hole Mini Golf

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Mini Golf Hole 1

As you approach the 1st tee of the Traditional 9 Hole Mini Golf Rental you are struck by the structure placed in the middle of the hole. You thought you came to enjoy mini golf but there is a Toll B...

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Mini Golf Hole 2

Hole #2 is much more forgiving than hole #1 as you have already gone through the Toll Booth. There is no such mini golf obstacle on this hole. However, as you read the hole you will see a rough on the...

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Mini Golf Hole 3

There is not a possibility to achieve a hole in one on Hole #3 and if you do list a score of 1 on this hole, the official scorekeeper will know that you are cheating. The mini golf rental course desig...

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Mini Golf Hole 4

Hole #4 provides the best opportunity for a hole in one. It is a straight putt from the tee to the cup but there is a rail suspension bridge 10 foot from the tee that leads to where the cup resides. T...

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Mini Golf Hole 5

Hole #5 is also a straight putt but there are a few more terrain challenges in comparison to Hole #4. From the tee, the event & party guest will see a middle section that has blue on either side of it...

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Mini Golf Hole 6

Hole #6 measures a total putt from tee to cup of 21 feet although it does not look like that when you are standing at the tee. Our mini golf rental course designer has named this Hole #6, the Bank Sho...

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