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Mini Golf Hole 4

Hole #4 provides the best opportunity for a hole in one. It is a straight putt from the tee to the cup but there is a rail suspension bridge 10 foot from the tee that leads to where the cup resides. The green in front of the cup does not have any breaks so if you putt straight onto the bridge your ball will head straight to the cup. The challenge is the opening width of the rail suspension bridge is only 4.5 inches. The diameter of a golf ball is approximately 1.68 inches. Thus, there is plenty of space on the bridge for the ball to enter in the center of the bridge and proceed directly to the cup. Just in case some players have difficulty getting their putt on the bridge, on either side of the bridge are two wooden triangles so if you miss the bridge, your ball does not fall off the terrain. The mini golf course rental designer for this hole still lists it as a par 2. We have fought this individual vigorously on stating that it should be a par 1. But the designer was adamant and thus victorious.