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Portable Putt Putt Rentals

The Premiere Putt Putt Rental Experience

Our portable putt putt golf course provides an exciting rental experience for individuals of all ages with colorful and geometric fairways, whimsical and never before seen obstacles, modular hole designs that can be configured to fit the space provided and the versatility to have this course in almost any setting from a basement in your home, your backyard, an outdoor rooftop venue or on the parking lot for your company picnic. Years were spent in creating, designing and then manufacturing a putt putt course that would be different but as exciting as our traditional mini golf rental. With holes that can have curves, be a full circle, spell out letters and offer fairways in a variety of different colors, our putt putt rental experience continues our goal of creating a memorable rental experience no matter what the event is.

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The Putt Putt Hole Layout

Each hole of our portable putt putt rental measures at least 15 feet from tee to cup. The individual holes designed on our 3, 6 and 9 hole courses offer curves, sharp dog legs and narrow fairways. While there are opportunities to achieve a hole in 1 on a few of the holes, most are par 2 or 3. Add in any of our unique, colorful and innovative obstacles such as our 333 golf ball Pyramid and the par for certain holes can easily increase to a par 4. Thus, just like our traditional mini golf rentals, the putt putt courses are not a 1 putt and done for each hole.

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The Premiere Putt Putt Rental Experience!

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The Holes Of Portable Putt Putt Golf

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Putt Putt Golf Hole 1

Hole #1 has a slight curve to right and the cup is in the back of that curve. Our putt putt course designers have labeled this a par 2 but if you bounce your putt off the correct rail there is the pos...

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Putt Putt Golf Hole 2

Hole #2 shows off what is possible with our contemporary putt putt golf rentals. This hole starts out with a dog leg right and then curves twice in different directions before approaching the cup. We ...

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Putt Putt Golf Hole 3

Hole #3 introduces a mini golfers to a narrow section of terrain and a double rail suspension bridge. From the tee, putt straight over the narrow section of terrain for an approach to a dog leg right....

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