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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mini Golf Frequently Asked Questions

Each hole in a mini golf rental is 18 feet from the tee to the cup. Holes can be created that are much longer and shorter if space is limited.

The par for each hole range from 2 to 6. These pars are for the standard mini golf rental. Custom holes can have pars beyond 6 but we normally do not recommend a par that is greater 6 unless it is for a specific objective.

Our mini golf rentals are designed for extended outdoor play. Thus, some rain on the course will not be a detriment to play. If the weather forecast calls for thunderstorms and these do happen during the event, play is to be suspended as with any outdoor activity due to the concern of lighting.

Most events are based on a (4) hour rental. However, we have provided our courses at numerous (3) day and weekly festivals as well as long term activations.

We can provide staff for an additional fee. The requirement of staff is based on several factors and one of our mini golf pros can help you determine if staff is necessary or not.

WOW Mini Golf Rentals has installed mini golf courses on roof tops and they are an amazing team building experience & morale booster for the employees of a company. We would first design holes where the pathway of the balls would be away from the perimeter of the rooftop. Once the holes were designed, we would place additional rails on the sides of each mini golf piece which further insures that the golf balls stay on the course. We would also provide what are called low bounce mini golf balls. These have the same appearance and weight of a standard golf ball. However, when these balls hit a rail they stop or bounce much less than a standard mini golf ball. These have been quite effective since we have introduced them to rentals. Another consideration is to install & place plants throughout the rooftop which acts as ways for the putts that do happen to stray off the course to be stopped. In the situations of rooftop mini golf rentals a site inspection by our experienced staff is the first step to insuring a successful experience.

On our standard 9 hole course, it will take a foursome approximately 30-40 minutes to complete the course.

Yes, an obstacle is included in each mini golf rental. A 9 hole course has more obstacles than a 3 hole course. The obstacles that are provided in our standard courses are obstacles such as the Loop De Loop, Ant Hill and Rail Bridge.

We are able to power obstacles such as the Windmill, The Lighthouse and the Railroad Crossings with our innovative lithium battery powered generator. This device provides up to 5 hours of time for the mini golf obstacles that require power. It is odorless and noiseless, so it will not take away from the enjoyment of the wedding and reception.

There are numerous branding options available and our branding specialists can provide previous examples as a reference to get you started. The flags, any obstacles on the course as well as the kiosk are ways for a brand to convey it's message during a mini golf activation. Golf balls can be branded and then players can keep them as a keepsake from the event. Even putters can be branded. These can them be given out to the players who have the best score of the day.

We can create holes as long as you desire. However, we recommend them to be anywhere from 30 feet to 70 feet depending on what the promotion is giving away. We can also install pin spot cameras on the fairways and at the cup to track the path of the ball. Additional cameras can be installed to follow the player's expressions while their putt approaches the cup. The installation of the cameras allows for video to be captured which can be streamed live or shown on a delay. Another promotional alternative is to use our Skee Ball Hole which has 4 different targets and can be branded as well.

Our experienced team of installers bring with them the tools to alleviate as much as possible any uneven surfaces so each hole is as flat as possible.

Each rental includes several different color golf balls, putters of different sizes, scorecards & pencils. If the mini golf rental will have young kids playing, please let us know as we have putters designed for young kids.

Yes, we can provide a Final Hole where once the putt is made in the cup the golf ball is captured and cannot be retrieved. Besides the Final Hole, we can also offer our Skee Ball Hole where once the putt goes through one of the targets it is captured. Both the Final Hole & Skee Ball Hole do allow access by staff to pick up the balls.

Putt Putt Frequently Asked Questions

From the tee area to the cup, the standard length is 15 feet.

The par for each hole is 2. The par of 2 is one of the differences between our mini golf rentals and putt putt rentals.

20-25 minutes.

Just a few of the obstacles that are available are the Rail Bridge, Helix, Steel Ramp, The Pyramid and for a Final Hole the Ball Collector.

Yes, we also offer a course in red. For those that want a colorful putt putt rental, we can create a course that has alternating holes between red & green. Additional turf colors are available upon request.

Yes, these courses are constructed to withstand the outdoor elements.

Yes, we can brand the course in a variety of ways. The turf can have messaging put on top of it. This type of branding does not inhibit the pathway of the ball. Another alternative is to install a completely branded turf for each hole and entire course. This is great way to have a sponsor pay for a specific hole and to showcase that sponsor.

Yes, we can create holes that are either shorter in length or longer in length. Provide our course designers, the space you have available and how many holes you are interested in and we can create a course where each hole is custom.


The Putt Putt Rental has been specifically designed to accommodate these situations. While each hole is approximately 15 feet long, the individual pieces are 2.5 feet in length & width. Thus, these can easily fit inside an elevator. We always recommend a site inspection before an event is fully contracted and the site inspection will be able to provide all the logistical information to properly produce the event.