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Joe Parnett - CEO - WOW Mini Golf Rentals

Joe Parnett CEO - WOW Mini Golf Rentals

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About Us

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Our Mini Golf Story

Growing up in rural upstate New York, I played outdoors as much as possible when the temperature permitted. I say temperature as we had snow normally by the end of November and I can recall many spring Little League baseball practices cancelled in April due to the snowstorms. As long as it was not bitterly cold and for some reason bitterly cold was defined as not below 18 degrees with the wind chill, I was outside with my friends playing. We would play football, soccer, basketball, baseball, ski and sled. We would also when the snow as gone and the ground thawed play mini golf. This was not mini golf where you went to a roadside mini golf and received a golf club and golf ball but backyard mini golf where we made up the course. Our backyards consisted of trees, grass, hills and woods; lots of woods because woods is what comprises rural upstate New York.

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As kids, we used our imaginations to create holes and obstacles from what was around us. One hole we had to putt around an area where we knew a turtle always would hang out. Another hole was through my Mom's cherished garden. I would hear my mother on occasion comment to my father that the wildlife was eating at the items in the garden and that she wants a better fence around the garden. My father would respond in that calm demeanor of his that there is only so much he can do to keep the wildlife out of the garden. While the wildlife certainly did get into my mom's garden there were times that my friends would make an errant putt through the garden and unfortunately end that plant's growing season.
Our only limits were our imaginations in creating these mini golf courses which entertained us for hours in not just playing them but seeing what we could create from the resources around us. For example, that wheel barrow that we had for work around our house became an obstacle. Rakes, shovels, tree branches and all sorts of odd shapes of rocks made for some of the most challenging miniature golf course holes and we loved them all.
There were some summers that my family would drive from rural upstate New York to Virgina Beach, Virgina. I am sure that being the youngest of the children I was not a joy to be in a car for that long of period with my two sisters and parents. When we did arrive in Virgina Beach, my parents would take us to Around the World Mini Golf. That course was like a mini golf mecca to me. While I did not know it then, my experiences with my friends and those family summer trips to that course would later serve me in a professional journey in providing authentic miniature golf for events.
My friends and I absolutely loved the joy of creating a mini golf hole that was entertaining and challenging. We did not call it challenging as kids but we called it "No Way anyone will get a hole in one on this". When one of us did get a hole in one on one of our crazy holes, that friend would jump for joy and yell I beat your crazy hole. We would all laugh together and for the rest of the summer that memory would be repeated to all of us by the friend who did get that hole in one. As I write this, I can still see the crazy holes that we created and then recreated as the summer went on.
Fast forward some 29 years later to the early spring of 2010 and a client who we had provided a variety of arcade game & casino rentals for a few years asked if we could create a unique (9) hole mini golf activity for their annual company picnic. While I had certainly played on mini golf courses since my time in upstate New York and at times seeked them out when I was traveling on business, I had not given it much thought to create such a product in the event company that I owned. After performing a tremendous amount of research to discover what was in the event marketplace, we agreed in the middle of June to proceed with this endeavor.
What I discovered in the research that my company performed is that overwhelmingly the majority of event mini golf courses that were provided for events were simple, boring and did not create any memories for the individuals who played them. Before even conceptualizing the holes, I thought back to my youth and the feelings my friends and my family had when I played mini golf with them. There was a huge gap between my mini golf experiences and what was available in the event marketplace.
I understood as an event company, budgets would not permit replicating mini golf courses that we play at theme parks, resorts towns and boardwalks. Furthermore, these courses would not be financially and logistically feasible in the event space. Thus, our objective became creating authentic mini golf and putt putt rental courses that could replicate the memorable experiences that these iconic places provide us that were also economically & logistically feasible for the event space.

Our History Our history below marks just a few of the highlights the journey that we have taken with creating & producing authentic mini golf & putt putt experiences throughout the United States since 2010.

November 2020-2021 Jersey Shore Event

This was a year like no other! To celebrate Thanksgiving, a 9 hole mini golf course rental was provided to an event near the Jersey Shore. The theme of the event was Scottish and custom designed flags were created for this event. Since this rental was near the Jersey Shore, our Lighthouse obstacle was a necessity on the the last hole.

October 2020 A food truck festival rents our NEW Putt Putt Course

A food truck festival in Paramus, New Jersey rents 5 holes of our new Putt Putt course for the paid attendees of the festival. This course also was the debut of our Roulette putt putt hole which the festival attendees besides playing on also used it as a photo opportunity.

August 2020 Thomas Jefferson University rents our new 9 hole Putt Putt course

For a student orientation program, Thomas Jefferson University rents our new 9 hole Putt Putt course for an evening event. The Putt Putt course rental included our signature Pyramid obstacle along with Mini Golf Santistation Kiosk. This Kiosk cleans & disinfects the golf club grip and ball with also dispensing hand sanitation lotion.

July 2020 Mini Golf becomes the perfect solution for the pandemic

With the issues surrounding events due to the worldwide pandemic, Mini Golf is the perfect solution to enjoy an activity while also social distancing. Meadowbrook Country Day Camp rents a Custom designed 5 hole mini golf rental for the summer complete with sand roughs, traps with rocks and elevated fairways.

June 2020 Launched Our Putt Putt Courses

Despite the circumstances that shut down events nationwide beginning in March of 2020, we begin the launch of new mini golf experience aptly named Putt Putt. The Putt Putt course differs from the Mini Golf Rentals as each standard hole is a par 2. Other distinctions are holes can be all green, all red or a mixture of green and red holes. The Putt Putt rental also is offers holes that are geometrical and curved. Along with numerous branding options and new obstacles such as The Pyramid with 333 different color golf balls, the Putt Putt course offers a different option in the mini golf rental experience.

February 2020 Rutgers University had us return for another student activity event

Due to the overwhelming success of the previous month's mini golf rental experience, Rutgers University had us return for another student activity event with a more comprehensive 9 hole experience. As with the event in January, the course was extremely busy on this par 24 course.

January 2020 utgers University put in a 9 hole custom designed mini golf rental

Rutgers University put in a 9 hole custom designed mini golf rental at one of their main campus libraries for a student activity event. Since the mini golf course would be on the bottom floor of the library a thorough site inspection was required in order to properly create the holes. The course was busy throughout the event which reconfirms our philosophy that everyone loves to play mini golf.

December 2019 The International Council of Shopping Centers

The International Council of Shopping Centers hired us for a custom designed 9 hole mini golf rental as the centerpiece of the hospitality at their New York Deal Making Conference & Trade Show at Jacob Javits Center. This course had an overall par 24 and including double dog leg fairways, holes surrounded with sand & water, a bank shot hole and the Metal Railroad & Loop De Loop mini golf obstacles.

October 2019 Exelon Corporation trade show

Exelon Corporation trade show at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, a mini golf rental with 7 custom designed holes was created. Each hole had a specific obstacle and a specific length due to the layout of the trade show floor. The holes were strategically spread out throughout the Convention Center floor. The objective of this 7 hole mini golf rental was centered around the theme Connected Community and connecting utilities and customers. Strategically planning included a specific schematic being created so the fire marshal would be able to approve it well in advance of the delivery & installation.

October 2019 WOW Entertainment travels to the United Kingdom

WOW Entertainment travels to the United Kingdom to begin discussions with a mini golf manufacturer about producing a new kind of mini golf rental experience.

September 2019 Camp Romper rented a branded 9 hole mini golf course

Camp Romper rented a branded 9 hole mini golf course with numerous for their outdoor event in Brooklyn, New York. This course included our renown wooden bridge hole with a branding sign. Among the other elements that were branded at this event were the Skeeball Hole, the Loop de Loop and our mini golf kiosk. Since this event was geared to families and especially younger kids, low bounce colorful golf balls and smaller putters were provided.

June 2019 We saw the most mini golf holes rented in a one month period

This particular month saw the most mini golf holes rented in a one month period. Several of our long term mini golf activations included a 9 hole to the Saint Anthony of Padua Church for a festival, 18 holes to Denver Airport and 9 holes for a Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center fundraiser to the CBS Broadcast Studios in New York City. The Denver Airport brand activation included several new hole designs including our Bank Shot Fairway, Mid Rail Fairway, the Fire Hydrant Obstacle and a 12 foot all white elevated rail bridge.

October 2018 United Nations Foundation

United Nations Foundation hired a 9 hole rental for a Halloween event at the Blind Whino in Washington, DC. One of the most decorative mini golf events we have done and the guests joined in on the fun by showing up in their Halloween costumes.

September 2018 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center rented a custom designed 9 hole mini golf rental for the offices of KPMG for a fundraiser. One of the more unique courses we have custom designed including obstacles such as the rail bridge and the Skeeball Hole as the Final Hole.

August 2018 We go south to the Palmetto State

We go south to the Palmetto State to install a 9 hole mini golf rental on the campus of the University of South Carolina for a student orientation event for the incoming students.

July 2018 Shiseido rents 9 holes for a New York City rooftop

The beauty company Shiseido rents 9 holes for a New York City rooftop employee event complete with custom mini golf balls. A challenging event from a logistics prospective as we had to insure that we would be able to get all of the mini golf pieces to the rooftop. A thorough site inspection provided us the answers and this mini golf rental was one of the most picturesque we have done.

May 2018 Denver International Airport has another 18 hole mini golf rental

Due to the success of the 2017 installation, Denver International Airport has another 18 hole mini golf rental starting earlier in 2018. With only 2 of the holes a par 2, this course installed on their Grand Plaza area encompassed over 5,000 square feet. With custom flags, custom scorecards, pencils this staffed branded activation saw over 8,000 players in a 30 day long rental.

September 2017 The Academy Doctors of Audiology

The Academy Doctors of Audiology rents 4 custom designed mini golf holes for their conference at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Each hole had a different design and this rental saw the debut of The Slide Mini Golf Obstacle.

July 2017 Jim Beam Brands rents 1 custom mini golf hole

This was an event that included our Skeeball Hole for their brand activation on 4th of July in lower Manhattan. Over the course of 2 days, over 1,000 players participated in this custom designed mini golf branded activation.

June 2017 1st installation of 18 custom designed holes to the Denver International Airport

This month long activation included our staff and custom designed mini golf obstacles that were color matched to the colors of the airport. The genesis of this mini golf activation is due to the fact that Denver International Airport has the 4th most airport delays in the country and the 18 hole mini golf activation would provide delayed travelers with a relaxing activity while waiting for their departure. Played by over 5,000 travelers and residents of the metro Denver area, this course which was installed on their Grand Plaza area provided families and weary travelers with a relief from their travels.

May 2017 Prudential at the headquarters in Newark

Prudential at the headquarters in Newark, New Jersey had a 9 hole mini golf rental spread out throughout the 5th floor. This course saw the introduction of our customized Low Water & Low Sand Hole.

January 2017 18 hole rental to Memorial Sloan Kettering mini golf fundraiser

The year starts off with another 18 hole rental to Memorial Sloan Kettering mini golf fundraiser at JP Morgan's facility MetroTech in Brooklyn, New York. This 18 hole rental had a front 9 and back 9 and employees played throughout the day to raise funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering.

September 2016 Saint Joseph's University of Philadelphia

An 18 hole mini golf rental with several mini golf obstacles including the Windmill, Railroad, Ant Hill & Loop De Loop is provided to Saint Joseph's University of Philadelphia for a student activity day.

July 2016 Our busiest July up to this point

Among all of the events was a brand activation for Jim Beam Brands to celebrate July 4th at Fulton Street Seaport, a 6 hole course at The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center, the 3rd year for ESPN to celebrate the ESPY and to raise funds for the Jimmy V Foundation and a 15 hole mini golf event at the Basking Ridge Country Club in Basking Ridge, NJ for KPMG New York.

June 2016 Norfolk Festevents for their Harborfest Festival

They had us design 2 custom holes for a mini golf rental. With an annual attendance of over 20,000, these holes were designed to be entertaining, challenging and quick to play.

March 2016 ESPN Sportscenter has us create a 21 foot custom designed mini golf hole

With the NCAA tournament March Madness just about to start, ESPN Sportscenter has us create a 21 foot custom designed mini golf hole with a Windmill for Jay Bilas to put through to attempt a hole in one.

January 2016 3 hole mini golf rental is sent to the Hilton in Baltimore, MD

Despite their being snow outside, a 3 hole mini golf rental is sent to the Hilton in Baltimore, MD for a General Motors employee engagement event. These 3 holes include unique fairways such as our Straddle The Middle and Low Middle to make each hole more challenging for each group. What our staff remembers about this employee event was that the guests kept touching the rocks that were part of one of our holes. They kept commenting that they do not like real so they would kneel down and touch them and say they have never seen real rocks on a mini golf rental.

December 2015 With our growing inventory of custom designed mini golf

We provide a 5 hole course to the Philadelphia 76ers at the famous Palestra in Philadelphia and on the same day a custom designed 18 hole mini golf rental is provided for a Memorial Sloan Kettering mini golf fundraiser in New York City.

July 2015 ESPN has another 9 hole custom designed mini golf rental

This event was to celebrate the ESPY's and to raise funds for the Jimmy V Foundation. This course had to be designed with more challenges than the previous year and with some surprises. Holes ranged from 29 feet to 50 feet and there was only one hole that had a Par 3. The rest of the holes were either a Par 4 or Par 5. One of the most comprehensive courses we had created to date.

May 2015 We go to the beautiful city of Indianapolis

We delivered a custom designed 9 hole mini golf rental for Subaru. This outdoor brand activation on a city street included the Windmill, Gazebo, Steel Bridge and Loop de Loop. Each mini golf obstacle had to be painted a specific color based on the thematic colors of the brand.

January 2015 6 custom designed holes are installed at The Burden Mansion in New York City

This was for a product launch for Stella McCartney line of handbags. Among the mini golf obstacles is a large replica of one of Ms. McCartney's handbags to putt through.

October 2014 The Philadelphia Flyers have us back again

This event was for their Fan Fest. This time it is with our new course at Saint Joseph's University. 5 custom designed holes were provided including our new Up & Under mini golf hole. Just like in 2013, professional hockey players may be excellent golfers but not the best mini golfers.

July 2014 ESPN selects the company

We created a 9 hole mini golf experience to be placed on the plaza area of the company's headquarters during the ESPY awards. This customized course with many of the holes having a par of 3 and a few with a par of 4 was a two day activation where several of the ESPN personalities participated all for the Jimmy V Foundation.

June 2014 The flagship store of Bloomingdale's in New York City rents 4 holes of mini golf

2 of the holes were placed in the Men's Wear section and 2 of the holes on another level in the Ready Wear section of clothing. This was the company's first brand activation with our newly designed mini golf.

Winter of 2013-2014 After 3 years with our initial course design

we had determined that while the course that was designed checks several of our objectives, it needs to be improved in several areas. The company undergoes creating a new course that is more durable to the outdoor elements, has a nostalgic appearance, offers more flexibility & unlimited possibilities in creating holes and course designs. After several months, the first mini golf rentals start in April of 2014 and increase in frequency starting in June of 2014.

September 2013 he Philadelphia Flyers rent 9 holes of mini golf

This event was for the outdoor Fan Fest in south Philadelphia. While there are many hockey players that are excellent golfers there are not too many hockey players that are good miniature golf players. The fans were repeatedly beating the hockey players. The event was a resounding success as it paired Flyer's players with fans in a fun activity where fans could spend time with the players and compete.

July 2012 We are in the suburbs of Philadelphia at Centecor

A unit of Johnson & Johnson. They hired us for their company summer picnic. Our 9 hole course is placed on the parking deck for staff to come & go throughout the summer day to play a leisurely round of mini golf with their colleagues.

June 2012 We travel to the main campus of The University Of Maryland

The athletic department rents 9 holes for an athletic department event. The objective of the event is for a competition between sports teams to see which department will achieve the best score.

April 2011 The Community Food Bank of New Jersey

The first charity organization in the State of New Jersey to take our 9 hole mini golf course for their Blue Jean Ball. A section of their warehouse in Hillside, New Jerey is used for the 9 holes while the other parts of the warehouse are utilized for the Blue Jean Ball.