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Mini Golf Hole 6

Hole #6 measures a total putt from tee to cup of 21 feet although it does not look like that when you are standing at the tee. Our mini golf rental course designer has named this Hole #6, the Bank Shot Hole. From the tee, you will be putting up hill and you are either aiming for one of the two wooden triangles or possibly the space between the two wooden triangles. You are attempting to Bank your putt so it rolls down the other side of the hill and is positioned on the section leading to the cup. If you putt too softly going up the hill or to strongly but do not play the angle properly, your putt will roll back to you on the tee. Based on our experience with the Bank Shot Hole and mini golf rental players putting too strongly, we have put additional rails on the top of the hill to keep the balls on the Hole. With a par 3 for Hole #6, most guests play it safe and do obtain that score. The adventurous guests though wait to play after the others in their group and then attempt to use the angles to bank their shots to go for a birdie.