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Mini Golf Hole 3

There is not a possibility to achieve a hole in one on Hole #3 and if you do list a score of 1 on this hole, the official scorekeeper will know that you are cheating. The mini golf rental course designer created this hole so a score of 1 could not be obtained. In fact this hole has a par of 3. The golf course designer refers to this hole as "Are you kidding me hole" as guests often utter these words when they see it. As you approach the 3rd tee, you will see that there is a rough on the left hand side. While this rough can present a mini golfer's dilemma, it is the long high wooden rail in the next section of the Hole #3 that is the challenge. This rail extends almost to the end of this section where there is some green grass before two wooden triangles appear. The actual cup is on the other side of the long wooden rail but the only way to get to it is around the rail. One way to play this hole is to hit the 1st putt on the left of the wooden rail so it hits a wooden triangle, bounces off that triangle, hits the 2nd wooden triangle and sits a few feet from the cup. If that is accomplished then a birdie is easily scored. If not it is par or bogey on this hole.