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Windmill Classic Mini Golf Obstacle

The Windmill is associated so much with miniature golf that one of our 9 hole mini golf rentals is called The Windmill course. The history of this obstacle dates back to the late 1930’s when the Taylor Brothers, Joe & Robert, created their own courses along with unique obstacles such as clown faces, pinball games and the iconic Windmill. It was another set of brothers, Ralph & Al Lomma of Lomma Golf, Incorporated, who in the 1950’s created newer mini golf obstacles and enhanced the Taylor Brothers obstacles with the necessity of both an accurate and timely putt.

Features of The Windmill

With a height of 85 inches, the Windmill draws attention to itself on any 9 hole mini golf course rental. It is made to operate on both outdoor and indoor events and the opening is quite accommodating to putt through. The entertaining challenge with this mini golf obstacle is the innovation from the Lomma Brothers of the rotating blades. If you do not time you putt properly, the blades will stop the golf ball and another shot will be necessary for you to putt through The Windmill. WOWMiniGolfEvents has made an additional element to The Windmill of painting the blades in multi neon colors. These vibrant colors can lure you into not timing your putt properly despite the slow turn of the blades

The Windmill goes on our traditional 3, 6, 9 & 18 hole mini golf courses. This obstacle will not fit on our putt putt rentals. For outdoor events, a source of power is required within 50 feet. If a source of power is not available, we can provide a battery pack for an additional fee.

Branding of The Windmill

The Windmill does offer customization and branding options for events that are considering branding obstacles for a mini golf rental activation. The blades of The Windmill can be branded as well as painted to match colors of an event. The base and the main body of The Windmill can also be branded and painted and lastly the very top offers the same branding options.