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Toll Booth Mini Golf Obstacle

The Toll Booth is one of the mini golf obstacles that we are very proud of. While there are EZPASS & Cash lanes, we do not require payment for your putt to pass through any of the toll lanes. The EZPASS lane is the widest lane for a golf ball to pass through. However, just like on toll roads throughout the country, you might find a hazard such as a rough or a trap with rocks right beyond the EZPASS lane which will redirect your putt off course. The damage will not be a great as fixing the suspension or axles on your car but it may cause you to get a bogey on that specific hole. One of our more colorful mini golf obstacles, the top of the Toll Booth does state the following: “ No Parking Any Time” which means no one is to sit on the Toll Booth. If our mini golf course event manager does find an event guest sitting on the Toll Booth, it is at their discretion to add a stroke to that event guest’s score card. Just kidding.

Branding The Toll Booth Mini Golf Obstacle

The Toll Booth offers numerous branding & customization options for brand activations and corporate events that have a specific message. Each lane and there are 3 can be individually branded. The area above all the lanes can be branded with the corporate or brand name. The sides are also available for branding options. Proceed to the branding category to learn more about all of the available options on this unique mini golf obstacle.