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Slide Ball Obstacle

The Slide is by far one of the more innovative mini golf obstacles that our course designers have come up with. Manufactured with a highest quality metal and using automotive paint processes The Slide is also a very durable obstacle. It can be placed on both our traditional mini golf and putt putt rentals as it offers two putting options. A small metal wall is placed on either side of The Slide. These metal walls insure that the only route to putt on to the next part of the hole is to putt up the ramp. This is easier written than done. The width of the ramp is slightly less than 9 inches so with a golf ball that has a diameter of 1.68 inches getting the ball on the ramp is not the issue. The skill in this putt is getting the ball up the ramp with the proper velocity so it goes smoothly up the ramp and then settles in the area where the chute starts. That is the challenging part of this obstacle as we have witnessed many golf balls roll backwards to their owner. But when an event guest makes the correct putt, there is lots of hoorahs, hollers and exhilarating expressions. The other putting option is that the metal walls or barriers on each side of The Slide are removed or moved slightly. When these walls are completely removed it is an easy around. When they are moved slightly, it is best to gauge the opening as if you catch part of the metal wall your putt is going to bounce off of it, hit the side rail and not go where you intended it.