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Skee Ball Mini Golf Obstacle

Skee Ball, the classic arcade game that was invented in 1908 is the genesis for Skee Ball, the mini golf obstacle. Like the arcade game, there is a ramp for the golf ball to jump towards the targets. Skee Ball, the mini golf obstacle, has three different sized targets compared to 7 targets on the arcade version. Sections of golf terrain are placed in front of this obstacle on our 9 & 18 hole traditional mini golf rentals and this obstacle acts as the final hole of that respective course. The targets get increasingly more difficult the higher they are. An event guest who accurately sinks their putt in the highest in the highest target typically will have 5 strokes deducted from their score. A putt sunk in the middle target will have a 3 stroke deduction and the lowest and widest target will have a 1 stroke deduction. For those event guests whose putts do not go into a target, a score of 1 is recorded on either hole 9 or 18 if it was shown as a Par 1 hole. There have been instances when The Skee ball has been used on a par 3, par 4 or par 5 hole. On those specific holes, the objective is to obtain a stroke deduction. The other unique feature of this obstacle is that all putts are collected. This is a very important and often overlooked element of mini golf events especially if there is no staff to be on site and the mini golf rental is for a fundraiser.

The Skee Ball Mini Golf Obstacle for Trade Shows

Exhibitors at trade shows that have a 10 x 10 booth, a 4 foot section is placed in front of the Skee Ball to create a 10 foot putt and to keep within the confines of the trade show booth. Each target can represent a branding opportunity for the exhibitor and an opportunity to interact with attendees. For additional information related to branding and customizing the Skee Ball Mini Golf Obstacle, proceed to the branding category.