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Ramp with Hole

The Mini Golf Obstacle The Ramp with 1 hole presents our mini golf & putt putt rentals course designers with a variety of options when placing this obstacle on a specific hole. It can be placed right in front of the cup or somewhere else on the fairway. When it is placed right in front of the cup, our designers are tantalizing players with the opportunity of a hole in one if the fairway is a straight shot to the cup. Players think and rightfully so, that if I putt the ball straight up the ramp into the hole into the ramp I am going to get that Hole In 1 and smile to the foursome that I am playing with. However, prior to putting, please walk the entire length of the hole to gauge the distance that the obstacle is from the cup. This walk will assist you in determining the speed of your putt. Putt to fast and when the ball exits the obstacle it may jump the cup. Putt to slow up the ramp and it will not make the hole and come right back towards you for another attempt. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this mini golf obstacle.
The Ramp with Hole can also be branded for activations where branding is requested. Vinyl wraps can be applied to the incline area as well as the sides and the back side. Additionally, we can change the color of the Ramp by choosing a desired color from a color palette and powder coating this mini golf obstacle.