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Ramp with Bumps

The Ramp with 4 bumps is a unique mini golf obstacle where it can be placed anywhere on either a mini golf or putt putt fairway. The unique aspect of this obstacle is when putting up the ramp, the player wants to putt in such a way to avoid the bumps on the either side of the ramp. If your putt hits one of the bumps it will redirect your shot off its intend path and make it more difficult to achieve a birdie or par on the hole where the bridge with bumps is placed.
Besides the entertaining aspect of this mini golf obstacle, it can also be branded for activations where branding is requested. Vinyl wraps can be applied on the both the incline and declining parts of the ramp. The 4 bumps can have poles placed in them at different heights and attached to the poles can be flags with an area to brand each flag. This simple addition on this mini golf obstacle makes it for one of the more attractive pieces to brand. Lastly, we can change the color of the Bridge with Bumps by choosing a desired color from a color palette and powder coating this mini golf obstacle.