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Railroad Crossing Classic Mini Golf Obstacle

There are some mini golf historians that trace the origins of the Railroad Crossing Mini Golf Obstacle to one of the 1st true miniature golf courses in the United States. That would be at the Fairyland Golf Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Lookout Mountain. The owner, Garnet Carter and his wife Frieda, were developing a resort area with an inn and a 18 hole golf course. With construction of the 18 hole golf course taking more time than expected, Mr. Carter along with his wife created a fantasy mini golf course to entertain the Inn guests. This mini course proved to be quite popular with the guests and the prominent figure according to numerous historians in its creation and decoration was Frieda. Mr. Carter named the course “Tom Thumb” and thereafter in the 1930’s saw the development of Tom Thumb courses throughout the United States where it was estimated that 25% of all miniature golf courses were Tom Thumb courses. With the increase in the courses, Mr. Carter created a factory where hazards or what we call obstacles were manufactured. It is believed that one of those hazards was The Railroad Crossing. The Railroad Crossing took on new life in the 1950’s by the Lomma Brothers of Lomma Golf Incorporated where it is believed The Railroad Crossing received it’s flashing lights and rotating blade.

Features of The Railroad Crossing

The Railroad Crossing fits on our traditional 3, 6, 9 & 18 mini golf rentals. Due to its’ width it will not fit on our putt putt courses. With a height of slightly more than 4.5 feet and with its flashing lights it certainly is a draw on whatever hole it is placed on. The opening is quite wide so the putt as far as how accurate you are is not difficult. It is the timing of your putt that is critical with this obstacle. The gate rotates at a very slow place but the gate is wide and tall. Thus, if your putt loses speed when passing through The Railroad Crossing the gate will inevitably stop it. We have witnessed countless putts where the ball almost made it through but caught a piece of the ball and redirected it. If The Railroad Crossing is placed on a hole that is straight then time gauge your putt accordingly. When this obstacle is placed on a hole that has a dog leg left or right and it is placed prior to the dog leg, then really study the entire hole prior to making your putts. Those that do not map out a putting strategy in these instances are bound to have a higher score and not make par or even have a chance for birdie on that specific hole.

The Railroad Crossing like the Windmill and the Lighthouse are a group of mini golf obstacle rentals that does require access to power. It is recommended that a power source be no more than 50 feet from where this obstacle will reside. If that is not possible, a remote battery back can be provided for an additional fee.

Branding of The Railroad Crossing

There are several options to brand The Railroad Crossing for corporate and brand activations. These include the front, sides and back of the base. The gate can also be branded but the most popular area that event clients ask about is the sign markers which are currently Stop, Look & Listen. “ This is an excellent area for a brand or corporation to put their message for that specific event to convey to the event guests. For additional information about branding the Railroad Crossing proceed to the branding category for mini golf obstacles.