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Outhouse Mini Golf Obstacle

For those 9 hole mini golf parties where the guests have a sense of humor, The Outhouse is a mini golf obstacle that should be on their course. Our Outhouse is made of metal unlike Port O Johns that one sees at events that may tip over; that is not going to happen with ours. The words “Hole In One” do appear as you see the Outhouse on the hole that it has been assigned to. Normally, this obstacle is assigned to hole number 3 or 4; but not to hole 1 or 2 unless the event guests really have phenomenal senses of humor. As far as the putt to get through this obstacle, there is a 5 inch wide by 5 inch tall opening right in the middle of it. There have been instances on our traditional 9 hole mini golf rentals, that you can putt around the Outhouse. On our modern mini golf rentals that option unfortunately does not exist as the Outhouse fits perfectly on that course. We do know this however, whichever mini golf rental course this is on, you do not want your putt to be stuck inside it. Our mini golf designers have been known to put a trip sensor inside so if the ball lingers too long inside an order starts to slowly emit.