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Golden Gate Bridge Obstacle

The Golden Gate Bridge's longest span measures .8 miles and this art-deco suspension bridge that was completed in May of 1937 measures a total of 1.7 miles from end to end. This famous bridge that has been seen in movies, television series and on postcards around the world is our longest mini golf obstacle with a total length of over 5 feet from end to end.
Our mini golf obstacle designers went through several iterations in designing this obstacle from the pitch of making sure the golf ball gets onto the bridge, the overall distance of the span and the angle which that span must des-cend to the height of the rails on either side of the bridge to insure that the ball does not drop off the bridge. The opening onto the bridge is 4 inches wide which is ample room for a golf ball that has a diameter of 1.68 inches. Lastly, this obstacle is one complete piece to maintain structural integrity and is transported a specifically designed road case to keep the bridge intact.
The Golden Gate Bridge can be placed on either a mini golf rental or a putt putt rental course. Placed on a mini golf rental, we have elevated fairways that a player will have to putt up to reach the bridge. The bridge will then be suspended between 2 elevated fairways. Below the bridge we can place foliage, water or other decorative items to enhance the uniqueness of this obstacle.
On a putt putt rental course, the Golden Gate Bridge would be placed between 2 straight fairways. The fairways will be slightly elevated. On either side of the bridge are wooden rails so all putts must go onto the bridge itself. There would be no foliage, water or other decorative items around the bridge on a putt putt rental course.