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Empire State Building Obstacle

The Empire State Building is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States. Started in 1930 and completed in 1931 this New York City iconic structure stands at 1,454 feet tall. While you can find this Art Deco Skyscraper on some permanent mini golf courses throughout the United States, we have never seen it being offered on a mini golf rental experience for events.
The Empire State Building mini golf obstacle was Introduced in the spring of 2023. Standing at slightly over 6 feet tall at the top of the spire, this obstacle draws players to it at any mini golf event and we often see players on other holes on the course coming over to take a photo next to it. Our obstacle designers in respecting the uniqueness of this building, constructed a base for it to stand on so putted balls do not chip the galvanized steel base as well as providing the option of having this obstacle on either our mini golf or putt putt experience. The base has a hole that is 7 inches and which is a large opening for a golf ball to fit through. However, once a putt passes through the opening it can be diverted through (3) tunnels under the Empire State Building so you do not know where your ball will come out on the either side. We do recommend that have taking photos next to this obstacle that you take a peek on the back side to see if there are any patches of rough, water or sand before you hit your putt.
The branding options are numerous for this mini obstacle. The base that has been constructed offers many visible panels that can vinyl wrapped including the front, back, and two sides. The front and back of The Empire State Building are smooth so a branded message can easily be applied in these areas. As far as lighting, we can provide dynamic lighting or static lighting to enhance this obstacle if the course that it is being placed on will be if a dimly lit room or at a night time event. And lastly, yes we can place a replica of King Kong attached to this obstacle. When we completed it that was actually the first action we did to celebrate its completion.