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Doggy Fire Hydrant Mini Golf Obstacle

For some a mini golf course rental is not complete unless it has a doggy fire hydrant on it. The fire hydrant itself is part of Americana and this mini golf obstacle actually stands 20 inches tall. On our 9 hole mini golf rentals it is securely placed on a green landscaped box. This does make it more difficult for a doggy to reach the fire hydrant in case our 4 legged friends are attending the mini golf event. The actual hydrant itself is comprised of urethane resins & fiberglass reinforcements and then coated with automotive grade red paint. The putt through this mini golf obstacle is a straight putt as there is a perfectly smooth tunnel inside the green landscaped box. But our mini golf rental course designers did have some fun in creating this obstacle as the tunnel is approximately twice the diameter of a golf ball. Thus, a firm smooth putt is recommended when putting through The Doggy Fire Hydrant. One last point, as of yet we have not seen a doggy at our mini golf events use the Fire Hydrant to do their business. We have however, seen many event guests use this obstacle as both a photo op and a place to sit down and rest.