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Church Mini Golf Obstacle

The Church Mini Golf Obstacle is painted in a classic white with blue trim. It is adorned with a church tower and pane windows. There is a light inside the church and when turned on does illuminate through the pane windows. The Church only fits on our traditional 3, 6, 9 & 18 hole mini golf rental courses due to its width of 32 inches. Standing at 65 inches tall at the top of the tower, it is an impressive site on any mini golf rental. There is an opening in the middle that is significantly wider than a golf ball making the putt through a relatively easy one.

The Church is the most popular mini golf obstacle selection for weddings and other religious events. It does offer a few branding options such as completely changing the white to another color by painting or applying a branding vinyl on the roof tops. A popular branding choice is to have the Bride’s names on one side of the roof top and the Groom’s name on the other side. Conversely, couples have chosen to have a replica of their invitation created and put on the roof top.