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Ant Hill Mini Golf Obstacle

When you speak to Miniature Golf historians, no one knows what was the genesis for creating a mini golf obstacle like the Ant Hill. And that is what makes mini golf so unique. There are so many zany, colorful what is that obstacles and the Ant Hill is certainly one of them. It can also become the cup for the hole when it is placed over the actual cup. When that is the case, that specific hole becomes one of the more difficult putts to make on the course. The putt has to roll up the slight mound at the correct speed. Hit your putt too gently and the ball will roll off. Hit your putt to strong and the ball will inevitably bounce out of the Ant Hill cup. When you see the Ant Hill on a hole, check where it is placed. If it is not over the cup, then putt normally. If it is placed over the cup, then mumble under your breath profanities at the mini golf course designer for your event.