2021 Westpark Corporate Center VA

The Authentic Mini Golf & Putt Putt Experience

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9 Hole Mini Golf Rental to recreate a boardwalk theme
Virginia Corporate Campus

Westpark Corporate Center located in Tysons, Virginia was searching for a concept to entertain their corporate tenants and their employees on site at an outdoor event. They wanted an activity that would allow for safe physical distancing in place, be engaging & entertaining, bring lots of smiles, relaxation and laughter and lastly be within budget while entertaining as many people at once.

Westpark reached out to us themselves as they were interested in our capabilities of creating a 9 hole mini golf course rental on their plaza area. They had reached out to other mini golf event companies and were unsatisfied with their search to date as they felt what they were looking for was not going to be achieved. We informed them that we could recreate what they were seeking and provided them with initial information about our versatile mini golf experiences. It was agreed upon that a site inspection would be beneficial and one was scheduled.

Westpark wanted to have the course installed outside near their front entrance in the roundabout area. Among the questions that was asked of them by the individuals performing the site inspection was how much space is going to be allocated for the installation and what time do you want the event to start. We were told that they want the event to start late morning before lunch hour and the outside area is busy during the hours of 8:30 AM-10:00 AM. These pieces of information were vital in determining what time we would arrive to install and how comprehensive the course design would be. Lastly, Westpark requested if we can create the course with a boardwalk theme based on the initial information that had been presented to them.

What mini golf obstacles and props to make sure to have on a boardwalk theme mini golf rental

A phone conference was held after the site inspection and in that conference, Westpark reiterated their objective of having each hole have an element of boardwalk about it. We went to work on creating the course design and integrated obstacles that included a lighthouse, a buoy floating in real water around a cup, a Skee Ball with 3 targets as the final hole, toll booth with 3 putting lanes and 2 other classic obstacles; the Loop de Loop and the Windmill. Additional props consisting of a fortune teller machine, authentic lobster traps, vintage popcorn cart and a cotton candy machine were strategically placed around the course. The total course itself consisted of a total of 39 pieces which is 10 more than our standard 9 hole mini golf rental. The par for this customized course was 25. Fairways included bank shots, our beloved double dog legs, through tunnels and up hills.

Will they come to play if you create it?

This particular fall day was blessed with plentiful sunshine, and moderate temperatures. Our installation crew arrived on site at 7:00 AM and had all of the equipment off the truck within 30 minutes. This way our truck was out of the way and would not impede any cars coming in that morning during the normal morning rush hour. Armed with the course design, our crew of 4 staff went about quickly installing the course. Since part of the course was already assembled prior to the morning rush hour, it certainly caught many individuals as they entered the building on the way to their respective offices. We were told by Westpark management that their on property managers started receiving calls just after 9:00 AM inquiring to know what time was the mini golf opening. Westpark besides answering these calls did an excellent job of promoting the event internally in the building but with remote staff coming and going inconsistently due to the pandemic it was to be expected that phone inquiries were going to happen.

As late morning approached, individuals from their respective offices starting trickling down to the outdoor plaza area. Never before had such an attraction been available to them and they were extremely appreciative that it was being offered as an entertaining break from being in the office during a pandemic. With holes placed more than 6 feet apart as well as having our Mini Golf Sanitistation on site to sanitize the golf clubs and golf balls, mini golf players were comfortable and confident with the health and safety protocols that were in place. The course remained busy & crowded during the lunch hours and had fewer players between the hours of 2:00 PM-4:00 PM. It then had a final rush of activity between 4:15 to the course closing as employees were on the way home but choose to stay around to play a round of mini golf with their colleagues.

As with all of our mini golf rentals, we followed up with Westpark Management after the event to get their feedback and learn if we me their objectives for the event. They were extremely pleased with boardwalk course design, the turn out and we exceeded all of their objectives.

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