2021 Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, PA

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Please book us again for the 9 Hole Putt Putt Rental in August.
Is it possible to change up the course from last year's rental?

This is the kind of question that we love being asked and we thought extensively about when creating both the putt putt and mini golf experiences. The individual pieces of both experiences have to be modular we knew or else client's when they book the experiences again will receive the same course every time. That mantra led us to have the type of putt putt and mini golf pieces that we have and do truly allow us to create over 10,000 possible holes. We also learned since the mini golf experience was the first product line that we need to offer geometric shapes and color options in the next golf experience. This would allow us to offer different types of holes as well as providing an innovative customization and branding options. The putt putt experience was our answer to these product questions.

Thomas Jefferson University was our debut 9 hole putt putt rental in August of 2020. With the success of that rental, Thomas Jefferson University wanted us back for the 2021 Student Orientation. They let us know that the installation would be in the same place as in 2020 and they trusted us to come up with a course that had a few new features. Since we knew the dimensions of the area where we would be setting up, we immediately knew what type of course we were going to design for them in 2021. The first three holes of the 9 hole course would spell out the letters T J U. Students and staff would easily recognize this and anyone in the Student Center would easily see this innovative design and come over and play.

A 12.5 foot tall T was created for hole 1 and had a par 2. Hole 2 measured 20.5 feet from tee to cup and was the letter J. This was a very challenging par 2. Hole 3 also measured 20.5 feet from tee to cup and spelled the letter U. This hole was a par 3. The rest of the course we changed up each hole from the previous year's rental and placed obstacles on hole 6 and the final hole had our iconic 333 colorful golf ball pyramid directly in front of the cup. While students and staff enjoyed the entire course, holes 1 through 3 were the hit of the event. The student office and administrative staff did not expect the course that we provided and were ecstatic with what we had designed. In fact, the staff who stayed on site to manage the event stated that the first 3 holes were popular for photo taking among the students.

As we had done in 2020, we provided our MiniGolf SanitiStation which disinfects the club head and golf ball. This kiosk uses UV light to perform those tasks without providing any damaging rays to humans. This is just one of the extra steps we take to insure the health safety of our mini golf and putt putt rentals.

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