Stella McCartney Purse

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Stella McCartney Purse

What better way to launch a new product then to play mini golf in the winter in New York City. Stella McCartney was launching a newly designed purse and wanted 6 custom designed holes at The Burden Mansion. Besides the custom designed course, one of the holes was to have her new purse as the premier mini golf obstacle. This was going to be an exciting rental and by the way, mini golf obstacle purse had to be an exact replica of the purse and the event is going to happen in less than 5 weeks.

After receiving the purse, our mini golf obstacle design team immediately started the process of what type of obstacle can we create based on the purse. Shall we design it so the purse stands upright and players can putt in one end of the purse and the golf ball comes outs the other end of the purse. Should it be designed with the purse laying down on its side? Numerous ideas were considered but the one that had the most merit was to create the purse, stand it upright and put it on a base. This way the purse stands on it's own and is immediately visible to all who enter the room. Guests can stand next to it, take pictures next to it and make it a talking point. Once the design was determined, then it was onto creating the purse down to the exact detail.

While that was going on, we performed a site inspection to The Burden Mansion which serves as the home to the Covenant of Sacred Heart which is all girls school. The site inspection provided us numerous logistical challenges that had to be resolved well in advance of the event. As is the case with numerous events in New York City, unloading of the mini golf pieces was going to be an issue. The Burden Mansion is next to an embassy and parking is not permitted immediately next to the Burden Mansion. Furthermore, since it is a school the parking spots next to it are taken by the teacher's during the week. From this information, it was determined that it was best to deliver on a weekend day and as the venue was accommodating to store the pieces until we were allowed to install them the day of the event.

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