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9 Hole Custom Mini Golf Rental for Kean University

Kean University located in Union, New Jersey has an undergraduate enrollment of over 11,000 students. To welcome students back for the 2021-2022 school year, the administration planned several group activities throughout the campus including their desire to have a 9 hole mini golf course on a new multi purpose field that was recently completed. The administrative staff clearly indicated that they had previous rented mini golf from other event companies and those courses did not engage the students, staff and were underwhelming. As a result, they clearly indicated that wanted to have an authentic mini golf course as close as to what you would experience at the Jersey shore. Furthermore, the course had to have a visual appeal and that would engage the students returning to campus. In their words, "we want a mini golf rental that will stop students and say that looks really cool, let's go play."

Production Steps in Creating the Custom Course

A site inspection & meeting was arranged 2 weeks prior to the event scheduled date. The site inspection which is a requirement that we provide at no additional charge provides us with an opportunity to uncover several production & logistical matters such as how close our trucks will be to where the course will be placed, the route on campus to get to that parking spot, the field itself, the nearest power source if powered obstacles have been requested as well as the nearest water source if a water hole has been requested. These are just a few of the topics covered during our site inspections.

What was clear from the onset of the in person meeting and was consistent from the phone conference, is that the multi purpose field was heavily invested by the university. Questions such as the weight of each mini golf piece as well as how the pieces would be transported onto the field had to be addressed as the university was not going to allow any damage to their field. The field is blue with a white perimeter. We assured the administration that we have custom designed moving materials that will not cause any damage to the field's turf. With the administration's concerns addressed on a variety of matters, they were excited by the course we were going to create for this event given that they wanted some classic mini golf obstacles, any new ones we could create and anything else we could provide them to make this course really stand out.

With a flat field that would easily accommodate our standard 9 hole mini golf course, our course designers went about the task of fulfilling the vision of the administrative staff of Kean University. Our standard 9 hole mini golf course consists of 29 pieces, includes 3 obstacles and has a par of 21. The course we designed for Kean consisted of 42 pieces, 3 obstacles and a challenging and entertaining par of 27.

"Students and Staffed Love it"

Holes 1, 2 and 7 included the obstacles to provide that boardwalk theme & feeling. The obstacles included a New Jersey Turnpike Toll Booth with 3 different lanes to putt through, a 7 foot tall Windmill with a powered rotating blade and on hole 7 a wooden bridge to putt up and down which had on it a overhead sign that we customized with the Kean University logo. The Windmill which has an entry way to putt through was placed on 2 of our Zig Zag fairways. Powering the colorful rotating blade was our battery powered generator that is noiseless and order less.

Hole 4 included our signature bank shot fairway and was a very challenging par 4. Hole 8 included a tunnel to putt through and a cup that had a real water obstacle in front of it with rocks. Let's just say that there were a lot of splashing sounds on this entertaining par 4. Hole 3 was a hole that provided one of the few opportunities to achieve a hole in 1. However, it had to be a very straight putt as the cup was perfectly centered between two hazards that were filled with very large rocks in them. If a student's putt did not go straight it would inevitably end up in these hazards and then hope for a par 2 would easily become a score of 3 or 4. Back to hole 7 which was a par 4, students had to putt a hill and aim their first putt to a cup on the top of that hill. From there, their ball would drop down to another fairway which was a dog leg right. Next up was a putt up to the wooden bridge. This putt had to have the precise speed as waiting on the other side of the wooden bridge was the descent to the cup. Putt too fast and strong and the ball will easily go past the cup. Putt too soft and the ball will be returning to you. This hole along with hole 2 with the Windmill were also one of the more popular holes that we witnessed students and staff taking photos of themselves playing.

With any custom mini golf rental design, we always will ask for feedback. If not, we will not know what we did correctly and what we can improve. The first words out of the administrative staff were "students loved it and the course was so appealing that staff was playing it." We were further told that this is the mini golf rental that they were searching for all along.

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