East of Ellie Rooftop Mini Golf Rental

for Shiseido Corporation

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Mini Golf Rental on a New York City Rooftop
as hospitality for an Employee Conference

East of Ellie wanted to put together a unique hospitality experience for the employees of Shiseido after a day long conference at the Hudson Mercantile Building in New York City. East of Ellie's objective was to have a unique, entertaining & challenging mini golf rental that would utterly WOW the Shiseido staff. And part of that WOW was that the mini golf weather permitting be on the rooftop of the building.

In order to start to meet the objectives for this rental, we performed a very detailed site inspection over one month prior to the event date. Our first question and most important question was how do we get over 2,000 pounds to the rooftop of this building. Our experienced site inspectors were able to perform a thorough & diligent walk through and discover that in order to get to the rooftop it would require an elevator to the sixth floor and then take another set of elevators to the rooftop. Additionally, the mini golf pieces would have to be taken off their carts upon entering the second set due to the size limitations of these elevators. This logistical challenge would be addressed with a requirement of having additional labor. The space on the rooftop did show that we would have enough space to design a unique & fun 9 hole mini golf rental but it would have to be designed a certain way. The cups of each hole were to be orientated towards the building and away from the street. Additional rails will need to be installed on certain fairways to insure that the ball stays in play and low bounce golf balls are to be used. Low bounce golf balls are the proper choice in these type of rooftop mini golf rentals as these type of golf balls when they hit the rails of the fairways stop and do not skip off of the fairways. With all this information in hand from the site inspection we went about designing the course but there was still one other major planning element that had to be discussed and that is the case with any outdoor event; the weather.

Since the employees would be on the sixth floor during the day of the rental, we could not install the day of the event. We would have to install the course the day before the event. Now that we had the rental on site and it did rain, we would move the course to the sixth floor from the rooftop starting at 1:30 PM as the sixth floor would become available at that time.

For this 9 hole mini golf rental, the course design was the easy part in comparison to the site inspection and the numerous production questions that had to be answered well in advance of the event. Fortunately having an experienced team from East of Ellie, Hudson Mercantile and ourselves we were all able to create a formidable production plan well in advance.

The weather cooperated with a very sunny & comfortable day. We heard several employees comment that the view as they played mini golf was incredible. And they enjoyed themselves immensely as they played from mid-afternoon into the early evening hours. This was one of our more challenging rentals but we were thrilled with the response that we saw from the employees as they were able to relax after a full day of meetings.

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