Comcast NED Leadership Summit

The Authentic Mini Golf & Putt Putt Experience

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Comcast NED Leadership Summit

To launch 2024, the Northeast Division of Comcast contacted us to design a 9 hole course for their Leadership Summit Conference to be held in Washington, DC. We were contacted in late December of 2023 and in the initial meeting, we were asked if we could design themed holes based on Olympic Sports. Furthermore, the property where the summit will be taking place is undergoing extensive renovation which will pose logistical challenges.

The first decision was what Olympic Sports would we be designing these custom holes. The list was provided to us and it had some interesting Olympic Sports on it which in a few cases we did not know were Olympic Sports. Breakdancing is an Olympic Sport along with Sailing. Besides those two sports, the other choices were basketball, cycling, golf, gymnastics, tennis, track & volleyball.

While our design team began meeting, one of our staff went to DC to investigate the logistics of the venue. After performing a thorough site visit, he reported back what was possible which greatly assisted the design team in creating these custom holes.

This mini golf activation saw several creative features to meet the objectives of the client. The Breakdancing hole had an obstacle where guests putted up a ramp into a box that had a record rotating on top of it. The Gymnastics Hole had a 4 foot balance beam that attendees had to putt over. The Tennis Hole had an obstacle where attendees had to putt through 7 tennis balls on their way to the cup. Those who played the Basketball hole putted under a backboard and the Volleyball hole had miniature volleyballs throughout the hole. This hole included a volleyball net and sand. One of the most popular holes was the Sailing hole which was entertaining, dramatic and enjoyable. A sailboat was anchored in a water obstacle that attendees had to putt around to the cup. This hole also was adorned with real Lobster Traps and a Buoy.

Each hole was in a separate room on the 2nd floor of The Mayflower Hotel. Since the holes were in separate rooms, we had individual putter stands that were branded to provide clubs and balls. The client was thrilled with the creativity and the attendees absolutely loved the holes.

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