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Steel Ramps Obstacle

The Steel Ramps are a really enjoyable mini golf obstacle for our mini golf course designers to play with due to their versatility. They can be placed side by side, one after the other, one placed on part of the hole and the other placed on an entirely different part of the hole and even straddled. One of the placements that we know is enjoyed the most is the one where they are placed right after the other. This also happens to be the most difficult putt. Each Steel Ramp measures 47 inches long with a slight incline. The opening of each ramp is quite wide so it is an easy shot to get the ball onto the ramp. The challenge with these mini golf obstacles is that you putt with the right amount of touch. Putt too soft and that putt is heading back to your club. Putt too firmly and the ball will jump off the ramp and head in a direction where you are going to have yell fore. Put the correct amount of touch and your shot once it reaches the top of the ramp will have the right amount of speed for the next part of the fairway.